Best Personal Finance Software

If you are trying to manage your finances, you must know that your focus should be on the expenses. There are numerous ways you can accomplish this. Taking the leisure of a personal finance software or personal budget planner software is one such effective way of achieving personal financing.

The personal finance software can be a total game-changer that can provide you with astonishing advantages in personal financing.

Personal finance software will help you in tracking expenses, managing budgets, reducing the budget, and providing financial advice. Finance software will save you from ransack of papers and invoices and keep you organized. Whether your device has iOS or Android operating system, you can use this software to manage your finances efficiently.

With a myriad of paid and free personal finance software available in the market, it isn’t easy to decide what software is best for you. To clear this confusion, we have listed down the top five best personal finance software products:

1. Mint

Mint is one of the best online monthly budget planner toolsfrom Intuit. This personal finance software will analyze your spending pattern and habits, identifying the areas of improvement by figuring out how to cut down on them. Moreover, it will help you back up your savings by marking a few expenses that you can control.

  • Provides you with a full financial picture

The tool automatically assigns budget expense categories to the transaction as they occur. The categorization is accurate, and one can easily edit the transaction or re-categorize it. Categorizing each transaction helps you figure out where you spend the most every month and help you control the expenses.

The tool also lets you set a budget for each category, and you can monitor each of them to regulate your expenses. You can easily set the budget for as many categories as you want. You can set weekly, monthly, quarterly, or any budget as per the requirement. The app also provides a credit score tracking feature.

  • Cost

Mint is a free to use platform with effective performance and accurate results. Mint currently has over 10 million active users and tops the list of free best personal finance software.


Mint has two problems, as reported by most of the users. One is a slow sync rate, and the other is ads, which is quite common with free tools.

2. Buddi

Buddi software is designedto be friendly so that you can manage the finances easily. Buddi software is created for users who feel intimidated about personal finance software. It was designed keeping in mind to ease the complications that a person unfamiliar with technology could not handle without panicking. Users just have to link all the accounts and then start keeping an eye on the ins and outs.

  • Unmatched Budget Track down

With Buddi, you can keep track of all the incoming and outgoing transactions from all the accounts. Buddi effortlessly helps you in shifting your money from one account to another without any legalities. Last, you can generate a financial report to analyze how you spent your money and how you can save more. If you lack somewhere to save, it will also provide you with money-saving tips.

  • Makes Accounting Simple

Not everyone knows about all aspects of accounting. Therefore, Buddi software provides some genuine guides to keep you in line to understand how to save money every month.

  • Cost

Buddi is a free personal finance software with a best-designed interface.


The only drawback in Buddi is that you need to install Java to operate this website.

3. Twine

Twine is a handy finance app in the market launched in 2018. The Twine website was specially designed for couples and new parents to provide them with accessible ways to ply their finances together. The couple just has to create an account by providing their details and security number.

  • Invest with Twine

Twine provides a unique feature where both the partners can invest together for a common long-term or short-term goal. You just need to pick a financial plan with a fixed time. As per the joint investment legalities, you can include your partner into the same investment after 6 months and then save together for your goal. However, with this tool, you can do it right away.

  • A Great Domestic Savings Tool

Twine has this special feature for setting up your finances and funds for your domestic purposes. Suppose you want to take a vacation or save for a down payment but are falling short, by setting up a saving account with Twine finance software, you can advance towards that goal with ease.

  • Cost

If you want Twine only to save some cash, you can do it for free. If you want to use it for investment, then for processing an investment account, Twine charges 0.25 USD a month for every 500 USD you invest.

4. EveryDollar

EveryDollar is personal finance software that ensures that every dollar you put into work will come to effect. The website is created by the world-famous Dave Ramsey and is considered as one of the highly effective personal finance platforms. Dave Ramsey, who himself went bankrupt in the past, built the app by providing those same baby steps which he used to emerge out of the bankruptcy.

EveryDollar is definitely a real-time website providing efficient money-saving tips. Some features, which this website provides include setting up a fixed amount of emergency fund, a backup of 3-6 month expenses, and monthly savings for the retirement fund from your income.

By following the instructions provided by Dave Ramsay, the users can manage their finances effectively. EveryDollar suggests you not to use a credit card for your car repairs, house repairs, etc. The finance program recommends its users always to keep cash in hand for these purposes, so you don’t dwell on credit card interests.

  • Cost

The software is available in two versions: app and website. In the free version, you have to do all the tracking manually, whereas, with a paid version, you will be charged 129 USD a year for the tool, along with a subscription of Dave Ramsey Financial University.


YNAB stands for You Need a Budget, and yes, everyone definitely needs a budget in life. If one has no budget on expenses and savings, how could one grow in life? YNAB is a widely popular personal finance software with a large customer base. With YNAB, users can save as much as $500 from the first month.

YNAB is immensely successful because of its zero-based budgeting. The tool focuses on making the users realize the importance of saving and investing in legitimate funds rather than leaving them to an afterthought.

  • Cost

YNAB will cost you $11.99 a month or $84 for an annual subscription. And yes, they offer a free trial of 34 days.

Personal finance software is the demand of the modern age to help save money. Remember, these are just tools that will guide you on personal financing. You are the one responsible for your money. So, you can rely on these tools to help you save some, but it is only up to you on how much to save or invest to achieve your goals.

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